Friday, August 26, 2016

Week Two - Feathered Friends


This week's highlights include launching a writing scheme that will have students "reporting" on events at school and away. They will write in a variety of formats and include images on occasion. I'm expecting this journalism scheme to be a fun spark for productive writers.

Third Grade Reporters
Our first story involved time travel to the future known as "high school" where we dropped into a math class. All year the kids will gain perspective about future and present expectations with occasional "time travel" excursions.
                           Serious HS Math for Serious Time Travelers                                 
We continued to review math, and Friday the kids played a couple rounds of Bingo use multiplication skills.

Math Fun!
 As usual, we did a lot of reading in a variety of ways.

Shared Reading
Independent Reading
Reader's Theater _ The Beary Unusual Pet
Read Alouds
For science we began what will be a long discussion of birds by conducting a feather hunt (and then a hand washing session).

Feathery Fun
I am looking forward to meeting you at our Parent Teacher Night and or the BBQ. The school will provide details. There and then I will explain any policy concerns and better introduce myself. For now, stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

Mr. Johnson

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