Saturday, September 3, 2016

Active Learning


This week found us being super active in and out of class. After-school activities started with a few courageous third graders up to playing Ultimate Frisbee with me. 

Ultimate Frisbee Crew
The Bird Olympics!! 
Bird Olympics - Falcon Race
Bird Olympics - Falcon Racers
Bird Olympics - Eagle Wing Flappers
Bird Olympics - Owl Stare Down
We got moving to break down stories... 
Story Breakdown Beginning, Middle and End
...and to discuss characters. 
Character Compare and Contrast
As usual, we exercised our writing stamina.
Journal Express
Journal Express
I caught the kids in action during PE. 
Focused Frenzy
Serious Play
We ended the week with Show and Tell that was really a show and share.  Interesting stuff.
Show and Share
Show and Share
Show and Share
Show and Share
Here are a few books we read together. 
Ask your child about them or anything else we did in Week Three!
Silly and Thought Provoking Stories

                     See you at the BBQ!

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