Friday, September 16, 2016

Short and Sweet


Our short week passed quickly, as expected. Some highlights included Thursday's assembly. The kids did a great job with a short song and sweet video. The video is linked here and posted on the AISB Facebook page. I can put the file on a USB key, too, if you'd like.

Cloud Choir
Full House
Another highlight from the week was using tablets to explore geography. The kids loved racing to find places like San Jose, Costa Rica and Bangkok, Thailand. The activity helped us apply our new understanding of compass points to locate, in this case, cities in specific regions (e.g. Southeast Asia and Central America). Indeed, a lot of fun learning can be tucked into a geo-scavenger hunt. Yay Google Earth!

Just as gripping as tablets was dodgeball. The kids are crazy about dodgeball. I went to watch the third graders play the 2nd graders. Wow! They really get into the game.

Dodgeball Dash
Serious DB
Next Wednesday, progress reports will be sent out. I will discuss how your individual child as done with class work and behavior thus far.

For now, have a marvelous weekend.

Mr. Johnson.

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