Friday, September 23, 2016

The Squab Edition


You should have received your child’s progress report on Wednesday. If not, look in her or his school bag. I put it there. Overall, the group and individuals have performed very well.

Memorizing the multiplication table is one thing they all could improve upon. Here is a link to a fun way to exercise math skills. If you want your child to do homework, please encourage a couple rounds with the 'Math Trainer' - Multiplication. We played a couple rounds in class, so the kids are familiar with the Math is Fun site. I will suggest more websites next week. Let's start with just one.

In science, we made it rain and made a fresh egg float in (salt) water. The idea was to introduce the scientific method for inquiry. The rain and egg helped to explain a physical versus a chemical change (which was in both examples). These will be reoccurring concepts over the year. 

The Amazing Floating Egg
Cloud Spotting
Cloud Spotting


We were fortunate to have a squab (i.e. baby dove) born just outside our classroom. Once the cloud journals are complete, we will return to our study of birds. We needed to take advantage of the magnificent clouds while they were here. Note that the squab was in a small egg just a couple days ago. 
Next week, we will be MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing, which is a general assessment of reading comprehension, language usage (i.e. grammar), and mathematics. We are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. This first test is only a benchmark from which we will work toward growth over the school year.

MAP, by the way, is not a high stakes test.  It is mostly a survey of our third graders in relation to other third graders (e.g. regional) who take the fall test. MAP data also helps us to identify and focus on specific student needs. Please see that your child is rested and ready for an otherwise normal school day. 

Happy Weekend!

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