Friday, October 14, 2016

Something Beautiful


Fall break is looming with a few kids leaving early for family fun. In the spirit of fun, we have an exciting activity called My Fall Break Book (MFBB). The book is a guided journal with 10 items to record over several days. I have attached a full description here. The kids understand how the book works.

Instructions attached to each book.

We'll have one more week to practice making an entry or two. But the thing the kids may not realize is that the questions and tasks are designed to exercise opinion and fact writing, plus they will be recording lots of measurements.

Container volume comparison.

Measurements will be our next math unit. With your encouragement, MFBB will be an educationally fun activity with each unique entry.

This week we finished our bird unit with a migration obstacle course. In a very hot imaginary place, the kids would make super athletic birds!

Springing from cardboard ponds. 
Flying over power lines.
"Move!" That's all he said. 
Running hard after a tumble.

The kids have written really touching essays called Something Beautiful. They also shared feedback during an essay gallery walk.

Something Beautiful

We peeked at the next math unit: Measurements. In Lesson One the kids timed an assortment of tasks like snapping fingers, jumping jacks and writing equations. They loved it! I hope the enthusiasm lasts.

Naming past teachers.
Fastest to name 10 animals.
Write 7 X 8 = 56 fifteen times.
Skip count out loud by fours from 24 to 0.  

We used stories from Cricket magazines to explore a dazzling variety of ideas. Cricket is an excellent magazine for kids that offers fiction and non-fiction, art, poetry, puzzles, how-to articles and cool surprises.

Cricket mags and book reports.

The subscription costs are super reasonable. There is even a digital version. Have a look here. Also look at Spider once you are on the site. Spider is intended for younger readers, but 3rd graders would enjoy its offerings too.

All in all we had a full week ahead of a well-deserved break coming soon. Enjoy your weekend.

As always, stay safe.
Mr. Johnson

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