Saturday, October 8, 2016

Music, Math and Monsters


Each week, the kids spend two hours studying music. I was impressed yesterday by the discipline and talent they showed on the marimba.

Budding vibists
Mellow mallets
In math, we have been preparing for a final exam. The test will cover multiplication and division using units of 2-5, and 10. I am confident that the students will demonstrate growth in these areas. Interestingly, the challenge for everyone is to carefully read and explain the problems. 

This logical literary aspect of math will not change, so it is all the more reason to see that your child spends around 30-minutes reading for pleasure most evenings. Exercise comprehension by sincerely asking questions using who, what, why, when, how, which, where and so on to discuss the reading. Strong and mindful readers do better in math. 

Of course, play is important too. Here is a web-based math practice site (Math Playground) that we've explored in class. The kids loved it! I hope yours can explore more math games at home. If so, please encourage selections that require calculations. Ask to have the math explained. For example, in multiplication: What is the product (i.e. answer)? Where are the factors (i.e. items being multiplied)? In division: What is the quotient (i.e. result)? What does the quotient represent (i.e. items being grouped)? What is the size of the group (i.e. "Three," as in 18 apples in six baskets)? As the pictures show, the kids know the site, so please talk about it. 

Math Playground
Math Playground
Math Playground
Math Playground
Math Playground

Music, math and, for no particular reason, monsters in our reading was how the week shaped up. 

Weekly Reading
As always, stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

Mr. Johnson                                    

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