Thursday, November 3, 2016

Flaming Balloons


Please remember that tomorrow is not a school day for kids, as we are having Parent/Teacher conferences (PTC). If you did not sign up for a PTC, but would like to talk at some point, just suggest a time and we can make it happen.

Also note that next week is Spirit Week. Monday is Pajama Day; Tuesday is Superhero Day; Wednesday is Nerd Day; Thursday is Twin/Triplet Day; and Friday is Formal Day.

This week started with a classic cartoon called It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to explain Halloween and do something fun on the day.

The Great Pumpkin 1

Great Pumpkin 2
Many kids were eager to share their Fall Break Books with stories about the October vacation. 
Fall Break Share

Fall Break Book Report

To help recognize parts of speech, we disassembled sentences from random scraps of paper and made word cards. Then reassembled the words into new senteces. This was and will be a useful exercise to strength the students' knowledge of language conventions. 

Handmade Sentences

Cutting words

Our new science unit discusses water and climate. These topics will lead to many experiments and important ideas. 

Heat Capacity or Flaming Balloons
Millet plants under normal conditions

For today's assembly, we wrote haikus about caring. Caring is the character quality we will focus on this month. 

Haiku Crew

Finally, in math, we are working on measurement. This week the focus was time. To help explain number lines to solve time word problems, I share this clip from Khan Academy. It helped. Please explore this site and stay tuned for more of what we do with Khan Academy.

See you soon,
Mr. J

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