Friday, November 11, 2016

Good Spirit!


First off here are reading support questions you could use to enhance bedtime stories or whenever you discuss a story with your child. Add these questions to your routine to boost comprehension and mutual enjoyment.

Along this line, during the parent/teacher meetings, I mentioned Cricket magazines with the hope that AISB could facilitate orders. Unfortunately, ordering through AISB will not be possible (due to international shipping issues). However, the digital version is available and just $10 a year.

The subscription link is here. If you are interested, choose either Cricket or Spider. What's the difference? Cricket is a more challenging read that targets 9 to 14-year olds. Spider is written for 6 to 9-year olds. Based on the children at home, I suggest you choose a subscription to suit the range of ages.

This was Spirit Week so below are a couple pics plus some birthday fun!

See you at the Halloween Carnival tomorrow.

Formal Day

PJ Day

Friends and Cake

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