Saturday, November 26, 2016

How-to Everything


This week we finished How-to articles. The writing objective was revision for a concise and presentable product. The class did well overall. However, the goal was working to become better writers rather than just finishing the assignment. If your child eagerly wants to just be finished, let’s slow down together and exercise improvement as an ongoing theme or concept for everything. “Is that your best work?” is a question that often yields a better effort.  Together, let’s keep asking that question.

How-to Articles

How-to Make a Milkshake

Tuesday, we will have a math mid-term exam. The test reviews the previous 10 lessons. We previewed the actual test yesterday. The kids have the worksheet at home to study and then officially take the exam Tuesday. The test requires answers to be explained graphically and or in writing. The goal is to articulate problem solving. We will review the concepts again Monday.

Measuring apples

If you’d like to supplement your child’s schoolwork with activities on IXL, I will be sending out the access code today. Please keep in mind that, beyond daily reading of 30-minutes or so for pleasure, I only assign homework when an assignment is due. The absence of official homework hopefully allows you to help your child exercise behaviors that support classroom learning and success like patience, effort, courtesy, and focus.

Show and Tell, we love it, but please question Show and Tell choices. We only use 30-minutes at the end of the week with no time to simply show or tell everday items. We strive to highlight unusual, educational, sentimental or strange things that offer meaningful stories. So far so good.  Thanks.

Reused materials Tuk Tuk


are the spelling words for next Friday’s spelling test.

We were delighted to have Hans Christian Andersen stories brought in to share. I loved reading and discussing these morality tales. When you’re book shopping, I recommend picking up Milbourne, Doherty & Brocklehurst's version Andersen's clever stories.

Classic tales!

"If it wasn't for bad luck..."

Finally, we started the week with a story that involved a scavenger hunt of sorts for color. We even found purple. Interestingly, blue was not a quickly identified natural color for some students (e.g. sky, distant water, some eyes). Let’s not let natural beauty go unnoticed as we move around Bamako and life.

Butterfly bonanza!


Banana blossoms

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