Friday, December 15, 2017

Tis the Season


I'm going to keep this post extra concise. We've all got vacations to start!

Fa La La La La

The Winter Concert was lovely. 

"My Winter Break" Books

These travelogues will be used to write final 2nd term essays. 

The more anecdotes collected, the more fun the essay writing will be. Please support this activity during the break. 

Caliper Fun

In math, we took out the calipers to get millimeters in hand. 

Money Problems

We used play money to manage a $75 monthly budget. Lots of fun learning from some natural accountants.


You could extend this lesson over the holidays. Simply talk about actual costs while spending with your child. Money is the main context for everyday math. Profit from the teachable moments.

Kids in the Hall

Grade 4/5 grade kids stopped by to put on a skit about metaphors. Thanks! Bravo!  

Farewell Shac! 

Stay sharp and mellow.

Sugar of Oz

We capped our build up to the winter break with the film The Wizard of Oz, which was mentioned in 26 Fairmount Avenue our recent novel study. 

Riveting story...

and so much sugar.  Ugh.

Tis the season. 

Have fun. Stay safe. 

Talk in 2018!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Simple Wisdom


We have a lot of joyful moments each week. One such moment came yesterday from a discussion on riches and wealth. What does it mean to be rich? And, if being rich is important, why? 

So simple. So profound. 

Advice from an innocent heart to hold dear. I can't stop being amazed and wanting to cry it's so sweet. Wisdom is indeed best served simple.

In other doings...

We'll have an open house or open houses soon.

Neighborhood of Personal Narratives

Building three-story houses allowed the kids to use some measuring skills.

Classic tongue thinking pose
Careful construction

In math, you'd be amazed how much learning and fun can come with a few triangle-shaped bits of paper.  


Show and Tell is so much fun! The kids really get the "bring something interesting idea." 

Four-year old unicorn

Unique Inspiration

Do you know Ameenah Gurib-Fakim? 

Life-size idle time project

Paper love

Only two birthdays this week. 

Ms. I's Ice cream party!

Shac's turn for the cha-cha-cha!

Coming Soon

Check the latest AISB newsletter for details about the Winter Show. 

Enjoy your weekend, even if you only have one cat! 

Thursday, November 30, 2017



Thoughts on water all week. 

Pumped up!

First, the kids learned how poor children around the world often have to fetch water from distant wells or contaminated ponds. 

To bring the experience home, I proposed a water carrying relay race. 

Confident Crew

The kids' enthusiasm quickly waned after one relay round of carrying water [half the typical village weight] in any manner they chose.

My sneaky motive was to introduce an important human "innovation": balancing a load using the center of gravity. 

Instantly, the chore became much easier and the race more fun. 

Fun with physics, eh? 

And there was yet another innovation for the kids to explore: 

The Pump

Yeah, the pump itself. The kids learned how a water pump in a remote village can lead to huge and essential quality of life gains. 

For one, time improves so village kids can attend school and adults can exercise entrepreneurial skills. 

And, as important, health improves from a safer underground water source for drinking, cooking, and bathing.  

Our quality of life gains were simply learning and playing.  

A final innovation to share this week was from our social studies unit on early human migration.

We hunted balloons with spears. Shh. 

Before humans developed projectiles (e.g. spears and arrows) for hunting, they had to quietly sneak up to subdue prey. Not easy. Not at all easy. 


Hunting balloons was a bit tough too. Luckily for the kids supermarkets or fridges don't need to be hunted down. And, nonetheless, we captured a lot of lessons from our adventures.    

My Family and Me -- Personal Narrative Part I. 

The kids did fine work on their 26 Fairmount Avenue-inspired essays. Next up for the budding writers, a more specific recollection. 

Enjoy your long weekend!