Friday, January 27, 2017



We're excited about tomorrow's International Fair. We have a funky mural to share. Our theme was cooperation. Come see!

Painting occupied a lot of time, but everyone loved it. I recommend art supplies the next time you present your child with a gift. They all truly zoned into making art. 

Monday the pool will officially open. Thursday will be our pool day. Please make note of that day, so your child will be prepared with swim gear. There are two swim teachers and a lot of pool to learn, play, and exercise in. The kids can't wait!

In two weeks, 3rd grade will host an assembly. For this, the kids have to take a measurement of something at home. The funnier the better. We will need your help. Please take a photo of your child measuring the object and email the photo to me. The sooner I get the clever or unique or funny picture the better, please. We made one meter measuring yarn today, in case there is no measuring device at home. The measure can be dimensions, volume or weight. We will use the images to make an assembly presentation. Thanks.

  • We are currently working on the commutative property of multiplication (e.g. 7 X 6 = 6 X 7 = 42). Practicing IXL sections E1 - E8 , if time allows, would be helpful.  
  • And, as always, reading on RAZ-Kids, if time allows, would help our overall schoolwork too. 

Two January birthday boys made for a sweet time. 

See you tomorrow evening for more food and fun,

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