Friday, January 20, 2017

Butterfly Love


Report cards will go out next week, so this week we did a lot of housekeeping. The math final went well. Previewing the test was helpful. Thanks!

End-of-Quarter Cheese!

Everyone has done a Flight Check on RAZ-Kids so I have recordings of their reading. It's actually really cute. More importantly, I have an audio sample that can be analyzed with the reader and used for improved performance. Yay Raz-Kids! 

Winter Break Essays

We're staying creative in the corner. 

Salt and pepper shakers
Charging phone holder


Insulated bottle holder

Next week, we will begin a mural project ahead of the AISB International Fair. Monday, please have your child wear clothes that you won’t mind getting colorfully messy.

We warmed up to our peace, love and happiness-themed mural project with poetry. We need more poetry and "the love that butterflies bring."


Have a peace-filled weekend.

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