Thursday, January 12, 2017


Bon Sommet Afrique-France!

As you know, Friday's spur-of-the-moment public holiday will not interrupt our scheduled expectations. Friday's learning continuity tasks are described here. 


  • Lesson 19's 'homework' section in math should be completed and returned Monday (~15-40 minutes). 
  • A non-fiction book report (using our guided form) should be completed, and using a short book or chapter (~20 minutes). The kids do book reports routinely (~15 minutes), so each student understands the expectation.  

All of the necessary materials have been sent home. 

ONLINE WORK (if possible)

In IXL math, the kids should do the following sections (each ~5-10 minutes):

  • D.7 -- Subtraction for four digits or more
  • BB.16 -- Apply appropriate metric unit
  • P.1  -- Find place value

In RAZ-Kids, I'd like the students to complete the 'Flight Check' (~8 minutes). This is a fluency assessment that helps to determine the current reading level. Flight check is an audio recording that will be automatically sent to me. Each student knows about the flick check. Note that I prefer flight checks be done at home in a quiet place. Hopefully, you can see that the flight check happens. 


Ms. Isabelle has sent French language activities home with her students (2). You'll find the worksheets in their backpacks. 

Please try your best! 

A brief weekly thought will be coming tomorrow. 

As always,

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