Friday, February 3, 2017



We made a big splash on Monday to open the AISB pool. For the near future, all PE days (M, T, and Th) are potential swim days. Fortunately, we can dry swim clothes here at school.

We've been reading wonderfully exciting Greek myths and using the stories in writing activities. 
Here's what we've shared so far.

Along with some photos from story activities. 

Next Thursday, third grade will host our school assembly. Unfortunately, my photo request with kids measuring home items yielded just one response. One. We've had to change plans.

Here is a preview of what we will do instead. After recording live presentations at the assembly, I will re-edit the video and insert the new footage. The link will be the same. I will remind you next Friday.

Here are some photos of the kids preparing presentations. The video has more if you have not seen already.

Optional math work in IXL:  DIVISION K.5   K.6    L.5

Optional RAZ-Kids reading: Students should read any books within the designated reading range..

We had a mini concert this afternoon.

All in all a busy and fun week.

Enjoy your weekend,

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