Friday, April 7, 2017

Notes from The Waiting Place



Our morning philosophical discussion and week's theme centered on ethics. We used Dr. Seuss' Oh, the Places You'll Go to prompt our talks.  Over the week, the kids reflected in writing and then shared their thoughts on success, right and wrong, help, and reacting to disappointment,  among other ethical thoughts. What great philosophical talks!

Boom Band Place

The Waiting Place

If you are interested in learning the value of philosophy for kids, here is a British study showing significant, positive effects.


The Singing Bowl

For the past month, Ms. Laura has helped us understand and exercise mindfulness. With a simple three breath meditation, the kids calm their post-playground minds much faster now. Try the three breaths "mindful bodies" technique at home. 

Mindful Book

Mindful Bodies
Mindful Bodies


We reused materials to create portable no-tech unstructured (or low structured) fun.

Why? I'll tell you. Tuesday, I was alarmed to hear kids describe Minecraft. They love Minecraft. However, my interpretation of some Minecraft activities, seemingly clear to all students, was kill villagers and steal diamonds to make progress. "Killing" from what I understood, meant touching a villager and I said "robbing" where the kids said "taking" villagers' diamonds. I still say robbing. 

I'm not going to look much further into Minecraft, but I suggest you do. Play Minecraft to see how it might be crafting your child's mind. Here's an informative article to get you motivated. Good luck. They love Minecraft.


Our weekly Reading Buddies are budding well. 

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies
Reading Buddies

           Reading Buddies



Working out some math

This coming week is MAP testing. Please see that Sunday night's sleep is restful and Monday morning's breakfast is nutritious, just like any other day.  


We ended the week with a rousing round of Show and Tell. 

Original Song

Cool Water Color Pencils

Indian Ocean Shells  

An Heirloom


In Oh, the Places You'll Go the kids learned how life has, along with ups and downs, boredom. And expecting downturns as natural occurrences, like rain or a flat tire, makes accepting them easier. The best part is boredom. Boredom gives imagination a chance.  And an unstructured imagination is boundless.  Try to allow time for boredom. It's okay.

That was the week that was. 

Have an okay weekend,


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