Friday, May 5, 2017

Responsible Responsibilities


Friday, May 12, will be parent teacher meetings. You should have received a booking notification. Please contact me if that has not happened or other arrangements are needed. Together we will look at recent MAP scores and classroom assessments, and review your third grader's 2016/2017 experience.

Inventive Timeline (and face or two)
Today we crashed middle school's Invention Convention with a display of our own. 'Everyday Inventions' will tangibly help us develop historical perspectives of time.

Sharing Discovery


Stinky Stylist

The week's philosophical discussion concerned roles and responsibilities. What are our roles in life and what responsibilities might come with them? That was the basic idea. We even stumbled upon a useful phrase Be responsible for your responsibilities. 

Four Heads Are Better...
Skilling the Audience
Sid Fleischman's marvelous book The Whipping Boy and its film adaptation helped to establish our talks. 

We finally mounted our much anticipated seed signs. A touch of Bali in Mali? Nah. We'd need more plants for a Bali feel. Pretty cool as it is for now.

The Spark
Yeah, more plants.

Our ace NY correspondent returned with a full report. Easy Peabody Award. 


Last thing: If your child has a flight check pending in RAZ-Kids, please allow him or her 15 minutes for a solo flight check. The recorded reading could inform our parent teacher discussion. 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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