Friday, May 26, 2017

The Soft Part of the Grass


Interesting fact from our lively class: The five girls all have 'L' in their names. Gotta love that coincidence. And as is expected with our transitory nature,  international kids break for summer early or move on for good. 

We'll miss you Gaby!

Giving was our discussion topic this week. We used Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree to immerse our thinking.  Ask your child about the boy and the tree, love, happiness, and generosity. 

The arc of life? 

Big preparations are at hand for robotic hands. 

Few things say spring like a baby tortoise.

Daring eyes for some reason. 

When boredom strikes at home, build a house. 

Setting a self-initiated example. Super cool!

Africa Day Extravaganza!

Tight set from the pros.

We might all aspire to what one writer shared today: 

This weekend... "I'll take my kittens to play on the soft part of the grass." - Michelle

May we all find the soft part of the grass,

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