Sunday, August 13, 2017



I'm your child's third grade homeroom teacher.


This weekly blog will highlight our school activities. I hope you take a few minutes every Friday or Saturday to view the posts. The blog is for your pleasure and information.

Each post includes fun photos and suggestions to support our collaboration. For example, I may suggest how you could naturally extend a specific academic concept or skill outside of school. In other words, together we will devise organic home learning opportunities rather than doing "homework." You'll see.

Aside from preparing your child for future fourth grade expectations, this year's third grade we will continually exercise three objectives: Think, Test, and Try (in no particular order).

THINK from various perspectives. 
TEST ideas methodically. 
TRY your best at all times. 

At our Welcome Back-to-School Night...
Tuesday, August 29...
I will have a complete syllabus for you.

In the meantime, maybe look in the blog archive at last year's super third grade experience. I am excited for this opportunity to think, test and try with your child and all my students.

Mr. Johnson

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  1. Bonjour et idée superbe de partager avec les parents les activités de nos enfants avec vous dans leur milieux scolaire. C'est génial
    Bon début d'année scolaire