Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thought Filled


Our brief visit at Back-to-School Night (BTSN) was enjoyable, and I completely understood anyone choosing not to attend. Bamako traffic, right? There will be other occasions to talk, such as next Saturday's (9/9) Back-to-School BBQ.  For now, here are the BTSN handouts, a class syllabus and a compelling infographic about the exponential value of reading at home.

RAZ-Kids and IXL


Personally, I prefer reading actual books. A lot of kids, however, do not have many books at home. No problem. RAZ-Kids can provide a huge number of books that suit a reader's comprehension level. I recommend using RAZ-Kids at home to supplement or supply reading materials for your child. 

Simply go to, locate your child's name, and enter Grade 3. I'll change the passwords next week. 

The login details for IXL, which we use to supplement in-class math, should have been emailed to one parent email address. You are certainly welcomed to explore IXL's Grade 3 math. In future blog posts, I'll suggest specific tasks that could be done. For now, just have fun. 


We discussed bird adaptations and learned T-charts in the process. 

In our morning read aloud and discussion time, we explored three stories that dealt with our personal and public sense of identity, prejudice, kindness, and honesty.  Ask your child to tell you something about the stories we shared. 



The Emperor's New Clothes
The Ugly Duckling

Dr. Seuss' Sneetches

Next week, in addition to our usual explorations, we will start weekly spelling exercises and begin building cardboard (for after the rainy season) birdhouses up in the Maker Space.

Enjoy the long weekend!