Friday, September 8, 2017

Pop Quiz


This week we popped a few balloons and took a test or two.

In science, we predicted what would happen to balloons under stressful conditions. 

A fireproof everyday balloon!

Before: The side pop vs the bottom pop

After: The bottom pop. No pop!

After: The side pop! 
The Ole Protect-Two-Ears-with-One-Hand-and-Arm Technique
But no pop!

Abstract physics? Nah. But, of course, we'll need to talk more about the surprising results and do other oddball experiments. Who knew the scientific method could be so fun?!

Quiz time. We had our first math test, number sense and algebraic thinking, and spelling test for short /a/ and /e/ sounds. Everyone did a fine job!

The Thinker.

Three Aces Prepping to Spell. 

After school activities started Our third graders definitely got on board early. More snaps next time. 

Clever Typing Technique

Ultimate Frisbee


We look forward to sharing our energy removal and recovery routines in two week at an assembly.

Post recess energy removal...

with Tai Chi.

Our super fun pre-recess energy recovery routine will be previewed next time. 

Until then, one last thing: 

Happy Birthday B! 
Superheroes eat cake.

See you all at the Back-to-School BBQ!

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