Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sid's Kids


Sid's Tai Chi Kids
The message in today's assembly was that Tai Chi removes or relaxes our energy and dancing recovers it. We think our demonstration was a success. 

We capped our assembly today with a rousing dance number from Sid the Sloth of Ice Age fame. 

In other news, we did one more predictive experiment, using coke and milk this time. Most kids thought the color would change to light brown, which was sort of true. But no one predicted the color would become clear. 


The only way to find the answer was to test the idea (i.e. mix the two liquids). 


Thanks science. 

Why not use Base Ten blocks to actually build countable structures with place value? Why not?

 We had a feedback (tee hee) session with our food service providers. Good talk!

Have a great long weekend, MORE news next time,



  1. Wow, these kids are so active. Good to see them that they are participating in all of the activities that are happening in their schools. Great Job kids. Much love

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