Friday, October 27, 2017

The Mr. Johnson Show



And third grade loved it!! 

Crazy Hair Day

Opposite Day with Ms. I
Nerd Day with Mr. J

Formal Day

The Mr. Johnson Show

I stumbled upon a clever way to get the kids excited about writing and presenting their stories. Interviews on The Mr. Johnson Show. They love this too!

Famous author
Secretary General
Charitable NFL Super Star

Research Scientist (Bug Bio Fuels)

Fashion Icon

(How they knew talk show formats so well was beyond me.)


We watched this timeless seasonal tale from my childhood (yay!) and used the cartoon to practice summarizing a story. 



Mr. L lending a hand. 


There is much more to say but (whew!) it's the end of the day... 

I will say that report cards come out next week. Also, you should have been notified by the school about parent teacher conferences. Let me know if that has not happened. I look forward to once again talking with you. 

For now, have a great weekend. 

Mr. J

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Hawk and the Chicken


It's fall break time so here's the shortest blog post ever (from me). 

For starters, some board scribblings from a classroom discussion or negotiation we had. I was trying to get the kids to embrace active learning for long-term memory and strategies for calm, attentive reading. 

Deeper Learning

You could reinforce your child's long-term understanding of the hawk and chicken by simply asking about the idea. Don't be chicken.

Speaking of birds, we watched gorgeous birds from our cozy viewing enclosure. 

The Elusive Fly Catcher

Meanwhile, in Social Studies, "Oh..," they thought, "kids have roles and responsibilities too?" 

The Bottomline

More on this next time. For now, have a relaxing week with the kids. 

Keep well,

Friday, October 6, 2017

Zero Cost, Priceless Engagement


This week was a splash! 

A good splash!

Personal training
I have one favor to ask: Could you have your child do a flight check on RAZ-Kids this weekend? By doing so, we will have an audio sample of your child's reading ability. 

Home recordings are more natural and calm. 

Anyway, we will discuss a reading sample at next month's parent teacher conference. And, yes, there will be other recording opportunities, but if you could capture one at home now, cool. 

Flight checks take 15 minutes to complete and your child knows how the system works. I'd like you to see the flight check too. Please email me if you try and there are any problems. Thanks in advance. 

Speaking of flight...


...we made the first of two gliders to help understand bird flight. In this case, we saw how a bird's hollow bones, among other feathery features, make flying possible

Launch before lunch

Test pilot

We finished MAP testing and then made maps to better understand geography, along with time zones and the Cocoa Belt. 

Nation building
Noticing the world

Carving territory
Finding the equator

Girl powers

Finally, I came right out and said it: fidget spinners are dumb. I don't understand their appeal. I think it all a big rip-off. Maybe I'm just a crabby old man, but there are better ways to occupy one's time, mind and balancing abilities. 




How about that? Balancing sticks. Zero cost, priceless engagement. 

Enjoy your weekend!