Friday, November 17, 2017

Exuberant Explorers


Before I forget: there will be no more swimming for a few weeks. It's winter time, right? So, our PE days are on the field and back to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Today's Show & Tell revealed how two activities from home can superbly enhance learning in the classroom and in general.  


Exuberant Reader

Real events, people, and things can often be more interesting to young readers than fictional tales. The trick is finding a fascinating topic of interest. 

Fortunately, the path to that one special interest is filled with incidental insights, curiosities and discoveries. Reading can and should be grand exploration. Why else would we have books?

Support your child's exploration of our phenomenal real world in written text. (Psst! Here's a tip: RAZ-Kids has hundreds of non-fiction titles.)


Exuberant Journalist

Journal as friend? Why not? Journaling as an exploration of personal thoughts and feelings. Absolutely!

I was so impressed today by the enthusiasm I heard during this inspiring share.  Check out The Benefits of Journaling for Kids.  Please email me if you'd like more information. 

In language arts, we started a novel study of Tomie DePaola's 26 Fairmount Ave. This charming autobiography is chock-full of events and products from the 1930s that will allow us to gain a perspective on past times and technologies.  

No popcorn in movie theaters!? Yep. No TV? Yep. And one event involving a laxative led to a big discussion about the digestive system. Cool! 

The past and DePaola's particular story offers lots to talk about and learn from.

Writing Prompt Extraordinaire

And the book will help the kids improve their writing, too, as they tell their own family stories. 


Listing details

Choosing topics 

In math, the kids gained focus under new soothing lights. 

We're entering more challenging territory so please help your child remember the multiplication table (0 to 10) around the house or on the road. 

Simply ask "What's 8 x 7?" Or you could say "The answer is 56. What times what can make 56?"  Pardon the informal language (i.e. no product or math facts). Keep it casual and fun. 

Focused math work

Finally, in science, we started a unit about water. In order to talk about this essential element, we need plants on hand, right? 

Coming Soon

The kids were extra great this week! Whatever cereal you've been feeding them, keep it up. 

Have a great weekend too!! 

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