Friday, December 15, 2017

Tis the Season


I'm going to keep this post extra concise. We've all got vacations to start!

Fa La La La La

The Winter Concert was lovely. 

"My Winter Break" Books

These travelogues will be used to write final 2nd term essays. 

The more anecdotes collected, the more fun the essay writing will be. Please support this activity during the break. 

Caliper Fun

In math, we took out the calipers to get millimeters in hand. 

Money Problems

We used play money to manage a $75 monthly budget. Lots of fun learning from some natural accountants.


You could extend this lesson over the holidays. Simply talk about actual costs while spending with your child. Money is the main context for everyday math. Profit from the teachable moments.

Kids in the Hall

Grade 4/5 grade kids stopped by to put on a skit about metaphors. Thanks! Bravo!  

Farewell Shac! 

Stay sharp and mellow.

Sugar of Oz

We capped our build up to the winter break with the film The Wizard of Oz, which was mentioned in 26 Fairmount Avenue our recent novel study. 

Riveting story...

and so much sugar.  Ugh.

Tis the season. 

Have fun. Stay safe. 

Talk in 2018!

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