Friday, January 19, 2018

Persuasion Equations


Field Trippers! Yeah! Yeah!

Surfing the Pipe

First off,  a couple important announcements: 

Semester 1 ends this coming Wednesday. The time went super fast. I suspect semester 2 will fly by too. Therefore, time is of the essence. More specifically, the times table is of the... you know. Seriously, several students are quick to solve multiplication problems and a few kids are not so quick. It's normal. Luckily, you can practice the times table anywhere. Anywhere! Simply ask a question (e.g What's 6 x 7?), listen for the answer (42!) and praise or help as needed. 

You x Me = Sharp Kid Math Skills

The sooner everyone can (automatically) do basic multiplication, the easier division will become. Confidence and knowledge will rise too. So just pose a few multiplication problems from time to time. That's easy homework for you, eh? And know that we won't be able to go back in time. Thanks. 

You + Me = Greater reading success
Reading remains an essential activity at school, of course, and at home. In fact, reading is at the foundation of all school subjects, all, so reading skills are inarguably key to academic success. If your child has no interest in reading at home, chances are she or he has little genuine interest in reading at school.  Be that the case, up to 30 minutes a day of pleasurable reading (e.g. comics, kids' magazines, chapter books, RAZ-Kids, etc.) will keep us or get us on a winning path. Teamwork, right? 

Thank you for encouraging some reading at home. And remember, listen to your child read on occasion, so he or she is not just looking at pages, and always ask questions about any reading to check understanding. Keep in mind, after third grade, reading could get easier, with our efforts now, or much more difficult as subject matter becomes more complex. Imagine that.

Above all else
Last but not least, the most important thing you can do for your little growing human brain is arrange 10 to 11 hours of restful sleep to recover from a day in the world and make neural connections despite all the noise (e.g. skin insensitivity to clothing is one of an infinite number of brain jobs, everyday). Sleep soothes the noisy mind and then, maybe, figures out what of the cacophony to use. 

On to the photos! 

A new kid! as the kids say. Rami fits in perfectly and nails the times table. Welcome!

Before we went to SOMAGEP, to learn about Bamako tap water treatment, we made water filters at school. Cool, they worked! 

Insights and delights 
We received lots of helpful background information from our new class friend and water guide Anna.

Degas-esque snack fuel up

Smiles and information

The kids want to thank Ms. D, Ms. T, Ms. I and the wonderful guides at SOMAGEP for making tap water so interesting! It was an unforgettable experience. 

Just ask your child. 

Last thing, intrigue. 
We read a couple adventure stories for you to ask about too. One was over 3000 years old!

Enjoy your weekend! 

Sleep well!

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