Friday, February 2, 2018

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In mid-March, we will be having a "Mother Tongue" week.  Among other activities, elementary families will be invited in to read with their child(ren) in their mother tongue as a kick off activity for the week on the morning of Monday, March 12th.   In preparation for this, we are reaching out to parents to find out which books (and in which languages) they plan to bring so we can put a list together celebrating the linguistic diversity of our families.  Could you please get back to me with answers to the following questions:

What language is your child's mother tongue? ___________________
What book(s) will you bring to read?  Title:   _____________________________________________   Author: ____________________________________

If you need some help getting a book in your child's mother tongue, please let us know and we will help find one.


What's the story with the orange and that brain? Ask your child. But, I must say, the orange, like the human it portrayed, survived being impaled. Whoa! And the orange, with its many yummy sections, did a magnificent teaching job. 

To prompt recall just say "Phineas Gage." 

For the next few weeks, in science mostly, we will be learning about the brain. Our next assembly will showcase what we have studied. 

Here's a preview:


Reading books, especially fiction, improves the brain (and emotional intelligence) forever! Here's some research to support the claim.  

The benefits of reading, like true quality sleep, are indisputable. I looked! Nothing. Not one negative article about either. Only glorious praise for these two life and brain enhancing activities. 


Studies have shown that the brain thrives on new and challenging activities.   

This week the kids learned Sudoku, Fubuki, Hidato, and Shikaku. 

So did I! We love puzzles! 


I've often thought I'd catch classroom doodlers not paying attention but it rarely happens. They somehow remain attentive. Now I know why and how pencil play (i.e. doodling or drawing) is yet another brain strengthening activity. 

They're actually drawing brains. 

More on the brain sketches later. 


Yep, our brains loves to boogie, baby. Learning and remembering dance steps is groovy for brain health. At least that's what the brainiacs said at Harvard Medical School


Our brains use ____% of the calories or energy we eat. Ask your child about the surprising answer and eat healthy choices. 

More on those choices and a lot more brain boosting lessons from the third grade next time. 

More on the new face next time, too. For now, I think that's mustard. 

Have a stimulating weekend!

p.s. Report cards went home today. Look in the bag if you haven't seen it yet. 

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