Friday, April 20, 2018




We have a great opportunity to exercise our reading skills using IXL's Language Arts programs. 

IXL Access Cards

Normally we only have access to IXL Math. Now, for a short trial period, we can access the very cool IXL reading skills feature. 

So, perfect timing, eh? Next up, and sadly our last MAP test for the year, will be reading. 

So far third graders have been super fantastic MAP test takers. 

So let's pull a hat trick with strong reading scores, too. Okay? We can do it! 

You and IXL can help. 

The Language Arts sections to practice will be Third Grade P, U, V, X and Y.  

Those sections focus on skills we'll likely encounter on the MAP test. 

Have fun! The kids love IXL.

And contact me if you have any access issues. 

In other news...

We did a lot of off-screen reading this week, too. 

And a lot of figuring. 

And a lot of good healthy snacking!

Enjoy your weekend! 

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