Friday, June 8, 2018

On to 4th Grade!


I was proud to have been involved in the 2017/18 third grade experience. 

Each student has grown academically and, most importantly, matured socially. Together they were a terrific group. Now it's on to fourth grade. Just like that, it happened. 

The final report card is in the backpack along with a summer transition book. Please try to do one page per day from this booklet. The regime we'll help keep your child sharp. Summer has a way of dulling what was learned over the school year and we worked too hard to forget certain concepts. But, it's important to only do one "day" or page at a time, and just spend 20 minutes or so per sitting. See the last blog post for more information. 

Now here are some snapshots from our fun final week. 

Field Trip to Park and Museum

Unfortunately photos inside the museum were not allowed. But it was incredibly interesting. I recommend a visit if you have not already been. 

Water Day!  

Epic fun!

And now we're...

Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

G3 Magazine


Most of our academic year is done, so we have one fun school week to go! 

We have a huge water-play day planned, and I'm gonna join in some serious dodgeball games, and there's a treat we'll discuss in email.

This week we celebrated four birthdays!

That's a lot of cake and birthday wishes.

In anticipation of a long lazy summer, each third grader will receive a summer transition packet with 40 pages of daily math and language arts activities. Each page should take about 15 minutes to do. That's nothing, right? But please only do one page at a time. The format is the same as the spring break books: eight mixed problems. 

With 50+ days of summer, 40 pages should be a summer breeze.  It's voluntary, but after 50 days of potential forgetfulness, who wouldn't want to be sharp to smooth out new learning challenges?   

Here's our one and only magazine of short articles. If only we had discovered G3 Magazine months ago. So fun! (click here)

Enjoy your weekend!