Friday, August 17, 2018

Almost There

                                     [UPDATED: Schedule]

We managed a meaningful week without a full crew of third graders. Our main goals were to establish routines and get to know us. Yes, it's odd to start a year with an election hurdle and major holiday to clear, but we're almost there and definitely fine. So here's a look at some of Week 1. 

Adding Beauty

Everyone knows palm trees need pink flowers. Right?

Class Jobs

Handout Scout, Floor Patrol, Line Leader, Messenger, Plant Partner, Tech Control and more...

Reading Buddies

Every Thursday after lunch the entire elementary school comes together to read. Very groovy! 

Shared Group Expectations

When teaming up, it's good to know up front what's helpful or annoying. Right? 

Literacy Stations (just one for now)

Our five literacy stations will be a 2018/2019 cornerstone. You can look forward to more information in the coming days.  

Book Builders

You know, I could have made these Aesop's Fables books, but it wouldn't have been as much fun. 

Some Fresh Titles

We received a shipment of new stuff today with titles that thrilled the kids. They all love reading! 

So over the long weekend, keep it up! We'll talk homework policy and learning recommendations after next week. 

For now, enjoy your time off!

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