Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Shortest Week Ever


One and a half days is hardly a week, but there were highlights nonetheless. 


A late arrival came with an added gesture of chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Well-played. 

Brain Teasers

We reviewed big math concepts (e.g. geometry and patterns) with little challenges. 


We reviewed concepts of genre with some housekeeping!

And we began to get our library organized in the process. 

Making a Difference 

Finally, we began to change the world. More on this later. 

The Mother List

Oh, one last thing, have a look at The Mother List. The link sends you to an article on the 5 Ways You Are Squashing Your Child's Creativity... And What to Try Instead.  I think you'll find The Mother List to be a helpful parenting and teaching resource.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I am pleased to see the faces concentrated with the tasks at hand. This blog provides an insight to me of what happens in class. Thank you, Don for taking the time to put all these together in the blog.

    1. Oh, did not realize it would be published as "Unknown".
      Harriet-Mother to Carlene.