Friday, September 7, 2018

Baker's Dozen


Since I met with some of you yesterday for Back to School Night and I will see more of you at the Back to School BBQ, I'm just gonna let the pictures and students do most the talking here.  

Field Trippin'

We made a quick trip to La Brioche bakery to follow-up our own baking from last week and see where math is applied to the craft of baking. 

Ask what was learned. For example, how many baguettes are made each day? What time do they start working? 

We turned the baker on to the edible spoon idea. We'll see...


We collected signatures to ban single-use plastics at AISB. The kids were beaming at the words of support and admiration for the effort. 

Tackling Transitions

We had a lesson in smooth transitions and started tracking our performance. The kids just keep getting better. It's very cool to see. 

Seeing Solutions

Ah, the grace in which these were done...

Scenes from Free-play Tuesday 

Scientific Method Silliness 

If you're going to come up with an hypothesis, why not be a bit goofy about it? 

Water balloon vs. Fire 

Paper or Plastic? 

To be continued...

See you at the BBQ,

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