Friday, September 28, 2018

Exceeding Expectations


Big Business!

The yard sale was livelier than I expected. The kids collected 11000 CFA and their customers were clearly satisfied.

The kids had a knack for handling money. Kind of like devices it seemed innate. Strange but cool to see today. 

Our cashier kept records (without me saying anything) and change was made surprisingly well. I feared coins for change would be a problem. 

Some items had to be priced over 100 CFA but no one balked.  

I think the kids got a bit of or maybe even bit by the capitalist bug, so I think we'll do this again, but not Monday or too soon. 11000 will cover utensils and treats. 

But we definitely know a way now to raise money, learn money, and help out our fellow toy and book enthusiasts.

 In-School Field Trip

Our organic school garden is awesome! 

And all of the veggies are eaten for school lunch. The kids' new appreciation for veggies could hopefully get some to eat more! Wishful thinking. 

Celebrate Mooncake!

Speaking of gardens, we celebrated the Chinese autumn harvest festival with some delicious mooncake. 

Geometry fun! 

It can be as simple as adding up to 18 or 36 with a hundreds place, at least for now.

Fun with Data 

We did a pet survey of elementary students.

And then plotted the data. Lots of birds for whatever reason. 

Other Bird Stuff

We're going to spend the next few weeks learning about birds. We kicked off the unit with a scavenger hunt for fascinating bird facts. Ask your child what she or he remembers (hints: ostrich, falcon, hummingbird, chicken).

More bird stuff to come.

MAP is underway

We had plenty of brain food each day. Thanks Lala! 

MAP continues next week with math on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and language usage on Thursday and Friday. The did great in reading. I look for to reporting details on the first quarter report card. 

Enough for now.

Have a terrific weekend!


  1. Whao, whao. The children are having a great time learning. Good to see and read what they are doing at school, this provides an insight and guidance on what we should carry on with the children at home, as parents. Harriet-Carlene's mom.