Saturday, September 1, 2018

Seeing Solutions


Multiply This 

We spent the week learning a variety of ways to see and solve multiplication problems. 

As you know, multiplication is in much of mathematics. Therefore, being able to solve multiplication problems automatically now or soon, rather than using addition to add up groups, would be super helpful. 

We all like when the occasion calls for a School House Rock video. Have a look. They easily memorize the words (and so the math) quite easily. 

So, we have and will continue to practice multiplication and strategies for problem solving throughout the first quarter. 

At home, I suggest practicing any items in sections E, F or H of IXL Grade 3.  

Think Now

As usual, the kids enjoyed morning brain-warmers. 

In our class, getting answers correct will never be as important as trying to find the answers. So I loved that nearly all students used drawings to help see solutions. Brilliant! 

By the way, be sure to provide paper and pencil if your child is using IXL or doing any math at home. 

In fact, please provide paper and pencil since you'll be reinforcing an important problem solving strategy. 


Salsa Brain Break!

Edible Utensils?

We're about to launch a campaign to remove single-use utensils from school. 

Why? Well, the life of a plastic fork at a birthday party is roughly 5 minutes. But it would take about 500 years for the plastic to breakdown into smaller problems; that is, provided sunshine was constantly available.  We have no more room for trash! 


One solution we discussed for Earth's ever-mounting pile of plastic trash was to use our own metal or wood utensils. Another idea was to make edible spoons, forks and knives. Seriously!

What do you think will happen when a plastic spoon and an edible (baked flour, salt and water) spoon are buried for two weeks? We're going to find out! 

More on our edible solution to this one-of-many environmental concerns at our assembly in a couple weeks.  


Cool Stories!

Easily, the favorite activity of these third graders is reading. 

It's gonna be a great year! 

Enjoy your weekend,

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