Friday, October 19, 2018

Crafty Stuff


Spirit Week! 

Well, some days were more spirited than others... 

Traditional Day
... but each was heartwarming. 

Formal Day

The girls instantly struck a glamorous pose!

Counting Strategically 

What looked like a daunting challenge became rather simple with the right point of view. 

See the parking lot as an array?? That changed everything! And count two of three color categories and subtract that sum from the overall amount to get the third value. Whoa! One of our mathematicians discovered and shared that strategy. 

Next, we graphed the numbers. 

And the kids chose the scale. 

Think Now

Our daily Think Now provocations included thoughts on ego, jealousy, perspective, and mistakes.

Thought Provoking Stories

Ask about them. 


We made our second type of glider using straws to mimic the hollow bones of birds. 

Scissors, rulers, glue, tape, pencils, paper or any crafty supplies and the kids get lost in discovery. I recommend plenty of this stuff for home. 


We watched a male weaver bird make a nest on YouTube. You can see him here.

Then the kids gave it a shot. 

Not even using the bird's beak method helped. 

Nature stumped us and intrigued us and settled our minds in the process. 

Quarter One Done

Today was the last day of Quarter 1. Report cards will be sent home Nov. 1 and Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Nov. 2. Shortly, an email will be sent to you with a link to our online booking system. 

For now, it's fall break. 

Go have fun!!

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