Friday, October 5, 2018

San FranciscOz


Garden Exhibition

The kids surprised me with their bird shacks. After showing them some photos of homes in gorgeous San Francisco, hoping the color choices might inspire them, they made something a kin to Oz. Cool! 

In the process of making bird shacks, the kids practiced using an assortment tools in our Maker Space.  Painting was especially relaxing for the kids. Come gift-giving time, I recommend a generous amount of artistic paint supplies for the home. A glue gun would be fun too. 

Bird Droppings

To think artists create masterpieces like this and we did it by accident. What a keeper! 


This was a delightful family story. You should ask your child about it. 

The kids enjoyed discussing the author's purpose. 

Daily 5

Scenes from a couple Listen to Reading stations.

MAP Munchies

Croissants are not health food, I know, but the components can offer a brief energy boost (and distractive break) for the brain. 

By the way, no kids suffered from an academic performance slide over the summer. Nice work parents! Their MAP results were awesome and this is just the start of the year! The potential for each student is exciting. News of individual results will be included on the first quarter report cards. 

Tasty Birthday

With healthy treats.

Multi-Use Spoons

We spent our yard sale earnings on sturdy metal spoons and tested them with chocolate ice cream - chocolate ice cream in reuseable cones. 

Have a good weekend!

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