Friday, November 30, 2018



We really got our hands dirty this week! 


Our ongoing discussion about caring for the planet introduced the kids to biomimicry. 

Biomimicry basically means humans borrowing ideas from flora and fauna to improve our existence. For example, these biodegradable straws came from our school's papyrus plant and they worked! 

Plus, the delicate process of boring out the stem's fiber by hand forced the kids to work patiently.

Now we'll see what other ideas the kids can come up with from nature. 


We plogged (jogging + plastic pick up) and found a surprising amount of micro rubbish around campus. 

Beautiful Math

Gotta love the sidewalk chalk


We are studying factual information and using family as the context for a first person essay. Ask your child what story she or he will recount. 

DePaola's charming model for a first person narrative 

This literary exercise will help the students understand and develop story elements (e.g. characters, settings, problem/situation, resolution) while writing about a familiar topic. 


If you're child is on IXL this weekend, working in third grade math sections C and D and language arts section B would be helpful. 

Enjoy your weekend,

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