Saturday, November 17, 2018



To set the stage for a deeper appreciation of form and function in writing, we began a long discussion of art.

Is it Art? 

What is Ideal? 

What is Creativity? 

Guiding Books

"Is it possible?"

Rethinking Ideal    

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term for beauty in what could be seen as imperfection. It's a concept related to form that can open one's eyes and liberate the notion of ideals. A fallen tree covered in moss or the lines of an elder's face could be wabi-sabi, I'd say.

We discovered wabi-sabi through Mark Reibstein and Ed Young's gorgeous book about a cat named Wabi Sabi.

Your child can tell you how Wabi Sabi learned the meaning of her name and gave us an understanding of this concept.  

With wabi-sabi in mind, we looked for examples...

...and found wabi-sabi everywhere. 

Is Writing Art?

Conceptual Connection

We shared a relatable story about a boy with "writer's block" who ultimately used his imagination and a pen to write an artful tale.


Our discussion of writing and art culminated with a wonderfully visual book about Vincent Van Gogh and his correspondence with brother Theo. Vincent was definitely a wabi-sabi cat and prolific writer. 

For now, that's that. 

Poolside Smiles


This week, if you elect to use third grade IXL, math sections E and I would be helpful, and language arts sections A and V could be tried. Otherwise, anything challenging in IXL third or fourth grade could be explored. Make it fun! 

Long Weekend

No school Monday and Tuesday.  And the year is zipping by! 

Enjoy the weekend!

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