Saturday, November 3, 2018

Wider Lens



It's always a joyous time when the annual Scholastic book orders arrive. Happy Reading! 

Conceptual Thinking

We are beginning a long discussion on concepts and examples of things that fit within concept. Conceptual thinking will allow the kids to approach ideas with a wider lens rather than a narrow topic-specific view. 

We have begun by considering form, function, and change. 

Our way in started with ants...

 and went up to trees...

and then dogs, with each demonstrating the transferability from and thinking potential with conceptual views. 

Ask your child about the concepts behind the topics or how the topics related to the concepts of form and function. 


For the concept of change, we looked at how animals must adapt to survive. 

These little green-eared creatures tried to hide from our third grade predators.

Finding them was not at all easy. 

For more details, ask your predator. 

Light as a Feather

We did some practical math to find representations of bird weights. 


We added tai chi to our brain break repertoire. 


We had a courageous visit from a curious monster and hope she returns soon. 

Math is Fun

I was pleased to speak with many of you during Parent-Teacher Conferences. In some talks, I mentioned a math study site called Math is Fun. Math is Fun is a general math site and not explicitly leveled for any particular grade. 

Nevertheless, if you or your child have questions about a mathematical operation, Math is Fun will have step-by-step answers and some practice problems to help solutions sink in. 

Always Open

If you were not able to attend a conference Friday and would still like to, email me and we'll make some arrangement. No problem. 

Enjoy your weekend,

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