Thursday, January 17, 2019

Pandora's Box?


Yeah, Pandora's Box...

But, ideally, the hopeful part of the storied box wins out. Anyway, money is math and it clearly excited the kids. Just watch this video. 

In the video, they were choosing menu items with a $20 budget. I must say their choices were balanced and reasonable. That's hopeful.

Cashing In

Their future pay may not be the cash kind, but they'll be savvy with the numbers anyway.

Down to Earth

We began our water unit with some experiments that involved measuring amounts of water and testing drought vs. flood conditions on millet plants.

Monday, I will email you details about an upcoming water-related field trip. 

Think Now

We will definitely go beyond the water cycle in our exploration of water.

Out of 14 opinions from this Think Now, four said yes. 

Adjectives Adjectives

What does the 'A' represent?

The kids were shown the typical order of adjectives in the English language and then challenged to describe random things. Fun!

Brain Break!

Chomp it! Chomp it!

Music Show


I read a study (here) that showed how IXL users demonstrated greater math achievement than students who did not use IXL. And the significant growth came with just 38 minutes of IXL math per week. Obviously, I would love it if you found a few minutes each week for your third grade math learner to practice math skills on IXL, too. According to this research, it will help.

Here are some third grade skills to work on over the coming days (not necessarily the weekend): Math - FF.5 (drawing the shapes will help), E.7 & E.8; Language Arts - T.1 - T.8 & C.1

That's it for now!

Enjoy your weekend,

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