Friday, January 11, 2019

We're Back!


Indeed, we're back and closing out the first half of the school year.

Winter Break Essays

Winter Break book devotees

All of the kids have taken home either a completed essay or a draft to work on and revise. In either case, please have a look and perhaps help with any recall that might enhance the storytelling. Structurally, one thing we're continuing to work on is a cohesive story beginning, middle and end. Please keep this in mind when you read the draft and possibly make suggestions. Other mechanical details (e.g. punctuation and spelling) we will work out in class, as always, so please try not to make those sorts of corrections. Just have a look and help with recall, if need be. Thanks. 

Guessing Metrics 

My phone has a measurement app for lengths so, soon enough, goodbye meter sticks, rulers and sensory-hardened spatial awareness. Sigh. In the meantime, the kids will learn how to guess and verify measurements (i.e. length, volume, weight) the old school way - by hand. This week we had more fun with lengths.  

From Salt to Water

In our ongoing exploration of everyday substances we moved on from salt, including an engaging discussion of power, imperialism and Gandhi. 

And we made salt shakers...

...or a shaker for some other tangy seasoning.

Then we made rain!

We made rain!!
Rain drops!!
The Future

We had a couple kids from the 4th and 5th grades come in to share their academic experiences. Before you know it, the 4th grade will be a reality.

What is Good?

A Nietzsche-inspired discussion about morality that yielded interesting thoughts and discussions during our morning Think Now.


Since the kids have essays to hopefully work on, I'll suggest IXL skills next time. Nonetheless, each knows the IXL areas we explored this week, if someone eagerly wants to login again. And as always, simply read at home for pleasure and to build "stamina" whenever possible. Reading is good. 

Happy New Year!

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