Friday, February 1, 2019




We've started using Seesaw to allow your child to share school happenings with you instantly. It's basically WhatsApp for school-related moments. I am sure you will like Seesaw.

Here's what you will see the first time you log-in, and I will help you download the app at the International Fair or through a QR code I will email out this weekend. No worries. 

Why Seesaw?

Cool, right?

The weekly blog will still exist so on to this week's:

Dividing OREOs

The kids were challenged to divide two boxes among themselves (on paper first) in equal amounts. 

And with success all around, they did more practice with two cookies each and too many left over for my diet. Yikes!  

IXL Math 

Since we have started division, any elective work at home in IXL Math sections I, J or K would be helpful. 

Wacky Reading

This book drives home the idea that no pictures are needed to see a story. Once we finish Wayside School the kids will creatively write themselves in the story. 

You might ask about some of the characters, settings, problems or solutions that we have seen at Wayside School so far. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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