Saturday, August 31, 2019

Warming Up


If you were unable to attend Back-to-School Night, here are links to our syllabus and updated class schedule. The kids have hardcopies in their backpacks, along with access codes to IXL and RAZ-Kids. I will explain more about IXL and RAZ-Kids next week. For now, if you’d like to explore those practice platforms, please do.


Here's a peek at the kids in PE and music. 

Warming up!

Working out


Daily 5 is based on literacy learning and motivation research. 

Schedule rotations

Mini lesson

This classroom management approach advances reading independence through individual choice and mutual trust (for them to work as agreed and me to confer with individuals or strategy groups). 

Read to Self

Word Work

Work on Writing
Read to Someone

You will learn more about Daily 5 as we proceed, though you could ask child about it now. We’ll start Daily 3 math in early September.  


Definitely ask your third grader about these books and deepen the understanding by doing so. Inquire about characters, settings, problems, solutions, favorite bits or connections to your child’s own story. Enjoy!


Our learning support counselor began a series of visits to help the kids relax their minds and focus their attention thoughtfully.  

The session was delightful!


We watched a news clip I came across that reminded us how therapeutic nature intends to be by simply pairing with its presence. Being mindful of the tonic certainly helps the affect. You can watch the story (9 mins) below. 

                             Click the link ---


Next week, we’ll start Friday afternoon Show & Tell. 

Chess strategies book

Showing and telling each week will not be required, of course. But if your child wants to bring something interesting in, on occasion, something with a story, we’ll be eager to watch and listen.


This coming Thursday morning we will have a brief assembly for 7:30 to 8:00. The kids have a short presentation, roughly one speaking line each. I can record the event to share with you online if you cannot attend. 

That is all for now. 

Enjoy your weekend,

Friday, August 23, 2019



Our first week got us reacquainted. 

Oh my, two birthdays in two days!!

We played literacy games… 


read some cool stories… 

reviewed math… 

did some writing...

and lots of thinking.



I gained a useful understanding of each child’s abilities and the kids began to learn our classroom expectations. 

I’m excited for the year. 

The kids were well-behaved, clever, fun and promising!

Each Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, I will send you a link to this weekly blog. The point is mostly to share the week’s highlights. However, there will be times when I’ll share information about learning strategies, so please take time to skim over or read the blog each week.

For now, welcome to third grade!