Friday, September 6, 2019

The Banana



Thursday's assembly went well. Our message was based on Pasi Sahlberg's book Let the Children Play, which suggests overly supervised children do not develop the social skills or emotional fortitude needed for real life now or later. 

Post-assembly goofiness and sadly minus our other pal from Sweden
Here is a video of the presentation slides and... 

...the short film we used to introduce our topic...


...and a link to a larger view of the film::


We traveled to some upper grades to see what the kids' academic futures will look like. It's always a humbling and exciting excursion. 


We got online with RAZ-Kids to demonstrate how easy it is to do a "Flight Check." This is a recorded reading assessment that together individual students and I can review. When students hear themselves read, they better understand the feedback I offer. Like a picture, audio is worth a thousand words. 

Everyone has a flight check waiting in RAZ-Kids. If it is convenient to log-in at home this weekend, please do so. Thanks. 


Once a week the kids spend time with our librarian and use the opportunity to checkout books. But if there are books overdue (i.e. not returned on time) checkouts are not allowed. 

Please be sure school library books are returned to school. 


Here's everyone's favorite day, Free-play Tuesdays! and a look in the Maker Space.


Plogging is an idea from Sweden that mashes jogging with picking up litter. It's also a fun way to break up the learning day and be helpful at the same time. 


Ask your child about these stories and help deepen her or his understanding by doing so. Let's make these book reviews a weekly habit, in addition to books you talk about at home. 

That's all for now. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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